Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Oct 17, 2009

OK, after receiving several kind, wonderful, heartfelt offers of help with my desire to add some elements to Avalon's website, I have made a decision. Ultimately, I'm a huge creature of habit. And...well...a total control freak. I like my simple site design and my less-than-ideal sitebuilder program. I would love to say I have the mental capacity to learn a whole new system, but I don't. In a perfect world, I would learn to write code, find the best and cheapest web host, and learn the ins and outs of the most efficient system. I'd also be 5'10" and 125lbs. I'd be 25 with perfect skin and sculpted abs. In reality, I'm a plump, middle aged, Supermom of limited mental capacity due to a pachaderm sized passle of stress. In other words, I'm staying with what I know....well, for the most part.

I'm taking a wise suggestion from a new friend and creating this blog for Avalon and A-gang updates. I'll post things here, and then you can easily link back to the real website for pictures and sometimes even for longer posts. With this blog, you will have the option of registering and then you'll receive email notifications whenever I add something. That way, no more pestering you with emails. Besides, you'll now be able to comment on whatever mental garbage I dump on you.

Ultimately, Avalon's Army of Angels is a mother's heart wish. It's my gift to Avalon, so she may someday see how many kind-hearted, wonderful people reached out to us and took her to heart. I guess that's why I'm so protective of it. It started as a diary of our cancer journey, and has morphed into a family story. It has grown and changed in ways I couldn't have imagined, then has Avalon's medical life. I thought Avalon's medical issues would have long since ended. Well, they didn't, they took on a whole new life of their own. So too, has Avalon's Army of Angels. The underlying truth though remains the same, we are a blessed family. We have met, and continue to meet, amazing people. We are grateful beyond words for each day we have together, and we take nothing for granted.

So with this new turn in our path, we begin an entirely new adventure. As usual, we welcome you to walk with us. You may only come for a few steps, or you may stay for several miles. The choice is yours and the pleasure is ours. For each moment you spend with us, we hope we can help you find the joy and blessings in your lives.

You all mean a great deal to us. May we someday, in some small way, convey how much we are honored by your visits. We appreciate you, and we hope you will embrace this new, slightly altered approach to our insanity.

Much LOVE to you all!

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