Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Avalon website updates

I'm trying to go back and fill in information. I have the text written for probably five more entries from Avalon's recent hospitalization. I'll hopefully fill in the rest of the days tonight.

Avalon's first brain surgery of three was postponed late Thursday evening. It had been scheduled for Fri morning the 23rd. Avalon did not have enough IV access available to safely attempt surgery. She had blown so many veins during her stay, no one felt she was safe to proceed.

Instead, Avalon is scheduled to receive a PICC line tomorrow, Wed the 29th. One week later, on Wed Nov 4th, Avalon's first decompression will be done. All of these delays mean we won't be done with surgeries until some time in December, but that's perfectly alright with us.

These delays were partly driven by necessity, partly by the gigantic, loving heart of Avalon's surgeon. He promised her she could Trick or Treat, and he stuck to his word. I'll explain in detail on the site later on today.

I will be adding pictures to the posts I have written. I will notify you when I do.

Hugs to all of you!
Alicia, proud mommy to the A-gang and Princess Avalon


  1. I hope somebody, somewhere figures out how to work this crazy blog!

  2. I'm getting updates in my work email! That's a good thing!