Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 19, 2009

Cutting and pasting from Avalon's site to this blog is the pits. They don't "communicate" well, so you get that weirdo N%BSP error thingie every time you have punctuation. Dad blasted technology...it vexes me.

So here's the thing. I wrote a ridiculously long, heartfelt, painful and OK, a tad bit poignant and funny website entry. If you wish to read it in it's entirety, go to:

If you want the cliff notes, here it is. Avalon's pressure was better today, but she is still flat. She is bored senseless and because she feels better, is focused on how much she misses everybody at home. The kids at home miss us, we all cried at some point today. Dr. Kosnik says she must continue to stay flat and heal - so she is 10o0% sealed before surgery. The first surgery will be Fri or Mon, depending on her healing and his schedule.

I vented a lot and tried to explain my wacked out head. I'm so sad and scared, I'm not my usual self. I'm finding great solace in a few good friends, and a ton of spectacular nurses. Avalon is finding very little solace anywhere.

Life is still quite suckish. Can't wait for it to get better.

Hugs to any and all who choose to come here. Unfortunately, the big post may be on the actual site, but any comments will have to be left here. That's the best I can do.

Technology vexes me.

- Alicia and Avalon

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